Bagging it Up in January with Hopeful Threads




Have you sewn a bag for the January Hopeful Threads project yet? I’ve set a little goal for myself to sew something for every project that Kristy posts this year. (I’m trying to be careful not to set huge sewing goals this year because, in case you didn’t notice, I didn’t hit any of the ones that I set for myself on my blog last year! I’m not terribly upset about it, though. I was a temporary single mother while trying to sell our house in Texas for over six months before moving halfway across the country to join my husband in Florida, and then we were in temporary quarters for two months before finally settling in our new home. I think that’s plenty of reason to change my priorities!)


I used my own Messenger Bag Tutorial to sew up this denim bag. (I cut it out on Thursday night and took it with me to a “sewing/playdate” at a friend’s house on Friday.) I was hoping that sticking to denim and dark blue plaid would give it a masculine feel. What do you think?


I modified the pattern slightly by adding a front pocket under the flap, along with a magnetic snap closure. Inside, there are a couple of extra smaller pockets for those things that you don’t want to lose down in the bottom of the bag. I just skipped the pen/pencil pockets from the tutorial and divided the inside pocket in half instead.


Kristy has been posting some great tutorial links on the Hopeful Threads Facebook page. Be sure to go check them out! If you don’t have time to do a more complicated bag like this one, maybe you can squeeze in a simple tote bag during naptime one day this week?

Project Run & Play: Remix

Have you been following along at Project Run & Play? It’s so much fun to see the amazing kids clothing that is posted everyday! Season 6 started on Monday, and I thought instead of just following along this time, I’d sew along! (Not for the contest, just for the motivation and the challenge. I often seem to be in need of a little extra motivation!)


First up is The Pattern Remix Challenge, and the pattern is a great little girls’ pattern: The Cottage Home Party Dress. My remixed design uses Riley Blake’s new cotton/spandex jersey. On the bodice, I added a neckband and armbands and skipped the lining. (Katie’s not here now to try this on, but I suspect that I’m going to have to adjust the armholes to make them a little smaller.) At the waist, I left off the band and added some interest by sewing the gathered raw edge of the skirt to the outside of the bodice. I adore how the gathered edge curled and made such a sweet “ruffle”. For the skirt, I cut two pieces, one shorter than the other and layered them. To finish the hem, I just ran a line of stitching about 1/2″ from each edge and let the raw edge roll up after washing. I didn’t snap any pictures of the back of the dress, but since it’s sewn with knit fabrics, I just made it a simple pull-over without fasteners. I think the final result is a quick and easy dress that works for playing or partying!


Next week is Stripes and Polka Dots. Anyone else sewing along?

Christmas Bags for My Nieces with a Little Extra Love Sewn In

I’ve established this really fun annual tradition of sewing new bags for my three nieces each Christmas. I think I’ve shared before that I’ve heard that one of the things they enjoy most about using them is being able to tell their friends that they’re bags are “one of a kind”. This year, I decided to sew something a little extra special into all three bags.While I was at my mom’s for my step-dad’s memorial service back in October, I asked if I could take home some of the chambray shirts that he wore almost everyday. I had plans to incorporate patches from them into a quilted throw, and I probably still will at some point. My nieces shared a very close bond with their Papa, though, and I knew they would love having a little something of his to carry with them everyday. With that thought in mind, I worked scraps from Papa’s shirts into each of the girls’ bags. I used the pattern that I created for Samantha’s “No Bully Zone” bag with a few minor updates including a little cell phone pocket on the front. The girls loved the easy, fun style of the bag, and the incorporation of Papa’s shirts meant so much to them! I hope they enjoy them all year long!


Christmas PJs
12 Days of Handmade Christmas Projects:
Day 12

Yep. This post is a few days late. I finished up Christmas PJs for my two youngest early on Monday morning using the Lazy Days Lounge Set pattern. I had grand plans for adorable Christmas Eve PJ pictures, but this little guy came down with a fever and didn’t want to move from this comfy chair:And, this little guy had a long, hard day that knocked him out on the couch:They were really cute in real life! I tried to snap some action shots on Christmas Day, but there was just too much fun to be had to slow down for photos. I did get this cute picture of the two of them with their new stuffies, and then they were off again!Thanks so much for following along with my 12 Days (That Took 16 Days) of Handmade Christmas Projects! I hope that you all had beautiful Christmas celebrations packed full of joy and plenty of handmade goodness shared with your loved ones!

Lee Lee the Lion & Ronny the Robot
12 Days of Handmade Christmas Projects:
Day 11

I was afraid that these two little guys were going to be the finishing-at-midnight-on-Christmas-Eve-when-I-should-be-sleeping project! I am so thankful that the raw-edge style finishing on these lends itself well to slightly (or not so slightly) messy stitching. With time running out quickly, I moved through as fast as humanly possible.Lee Lee and Ronny are Freddie’s Friends patterns. (I sewed Olive the Owl for Katie’s first birthday several months ago.) These are definitely not quick projects, but the end result is well worth the extra time. I love the cute little details! Seriously? Look at this adorable tail! Lee Lee the Lion is going into Jamie’s stocking tonight, and Ronny the Robot into Charlie’s. Only a few hours left until Santa comes! I better be off!