New Cover for the Charlie Tee & Hoodie

I mentioned in my last post that I’m working on sewing up new samples of each of my patterns to update my covers.  I’m using Michael Miller fabrics for the ones that I’m working on right now.  (You already know how much I love Dino Dudes!)  It’s spring here and perfect for getting outside to take pictures. I’m thrilled with the new cover photo for the Infant & Toddler Charlie Tee. What do you think?

I have lots more to do. Summer is going to be here soon, so I’m taking advantage of all this sewing to work on my two youngests’ summer wardrobes. No, I haven’t forgotten my resolution to sew everything they’ll need for summer–its coming along nicely. I just haven’t had time to post! I’ll do my best to post my checklist along with pictures of what I have done so far later this week.

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